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We have over 20 years' experience coaching children in sport and 5 years in an After-school setting, delivering a high quality of service to families in Dublin15. We have listened to their views and ideas and on that basis we created, ‘The PLAY House’.

The PLAY House has been created as a priority place for children After-school and during holidays. It is a home away from home and the children love it!

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We are well know in the community. We are a family run After-school. People TRUST us, they BELIEVE in what we do and we deliver the highest quality of care to all the families that use our service.

The proof is in what people are saying about us!!

The Children LOVE how we do it...we understand the needs of the child.

We know how to do an After-school and we do the best one!


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About Us

The PLAY House is privately run After-School with a difference, our main focus is to gets kids moving and exercising After-school through Play, Exercise and Games!


Address: River RoadDublin 15EIRCODE:

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