Several recent reports on School Age Childcare indicate that children want to be able to relax and feel comfortable after school. A home-like environment was preferred, with outdoor and indoor play identified as important by children of all ages. Relationships with family, extended family, friends, childcare workers and other carers were noted as being very important to children. Eating and cooking were also identified as important activities for children after-school.

Children expressed a dislike of being in structured environments with rules. Other dislikes included not being treated appropriately for their age along with lack of food choice.

The voice of children is critical to informing policy. If children’s preference is to go home after school and enjoy certain patterns and activities, and it is not possible to facilitate this, then it is up to the School Age Childcare (us) to reproduce their preferences in our setting.

We have the experience to deliver the very best After-school programme for your children and parents can trust in us knowing that we will provide their child with the highest level of care and we will always talk to you and asks questions, as necessary – we will be able to tell you everything your child did and discuss any concerns with you, at anytime.


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